Guard Staff Update!!! :)

Thank you so much for welcoming our new lifeguard staff. We are enjoying our season with you so far!

We also want to thank you for your patience with us as we learn the systems that are in place and implement what the board has asked us to enforce. Please know that everything we do is for the safety of all patrons.Below are a few reminders and updated rules that have been enforced recently, along with a few policy changes that the pool board has implemented this year. These are also printed and posted on the whiteboard by the pool entrance.

Please let us know if you have any questions by emailing the board (
Thank you! ~ SCCA Guard Staff and Pool Board

Lap Lane Swim:

We removed the lane line for now to allow more room to swim. If you would like to swim laps, let us know when you come to the pool and we are happy to put it back in!

Flotation Devices

All children who are reliant upon a flotation device MUST have an adult who is IN THE WATER and within arms’ reach of the child. For the safety of all swimmers, no flotation devices are allowed on the slide or in the diving well. Over sized lake rafts are not allowed. We cannot safely see other swimmers under and around them.

Rest Breaks:

For the safety of all patrons, a rest break will be called during the last 10-15 minutes of each hour (:45 or :50). This allows children to rest and staff to maintain the cleanliness of your facility. All children under the age of 18 must get out of the water. Thank you!

Afternoon Drills

Lifeguards will be performing drills each afternoon to continuously practice our skills. The concession stand will be closed during this time. Thanks for your cooperation during this time!

Inclement Weather:

Pool activities will be suspended in the event of inclement weather, outside temperature of 65 or less. If there is lightning or thunder the pool will be closed for 30 minutes after the last thunder heard or lightning seen. Keep in mind if the pool closes due to weather it could remain closed for the entire day, depending on the time of inclement weather and weather forecast for that day. Check our Facebook for current closure updates

Guest Policy:

Members have 10 guest passes on their account. Members may bring up to 6 guests per family at a time. If you would like to bring more guests, please see the information on the website about booking a day pavilion party or an evening private party. If members bring more than the guest limit, this requires the pool to pay for additional lifeguards to be called in to ensure the guard to patron ratio.

Diving Board Safety:

If you are using the diving board, please go straight to the ladder/wall If you are swimming in the deep end (but not using the diving board), please stay on the side of the red line opposite of the diving board. During peak times when the deep end becomes full, we may determine that the diving board needs to be closed. An orange cone will be placed on the board during this time.