Party Rentals

Throw your next party at the SCCA pool!

Please note the changes in our facility rentals, as indicated below. We have reduced the fee for pavilion reservations, but are no longer including the cost of guests in the package. This eliminates any ambiguity about how many friends you may bring (member friends, vs. non-member guests). We have also made some changes to Private Parties, making them available every Sunday, but only twice a month on Saturdays. This is in response to a the feedback of membership at large.

1/2 Pavilion Reservations

  • Bringing more than 10 guests to the pool requires a pavilion reservation.
  • Pavilion reservation ($40) allows you up to 2 picnic tables & the use of 1 gas grill in the WEST half of the pavilion.
  • All non-member guests to the party will be charged $5. This is in addition to the cost of the pavilion rental.
  • Please book at least 1 week in advance with a guest estimate so we have sufficient guard staff available.
  • More than 20 non-member guests requires scheduling a private party.

Only the WEST half of the pavilion can be reserved; the EAST half of the pavilion is always available for membership use.

Private Party Reservations

  • The entire pool facility is available to be rented out on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month, as well as every Sunday from 7:15-10pm.
  • The base rate for private parties is $350 and includes the entire pool grounds and lifeguards for up to 40 people.
  • Cost for additional people:
    41-60 people (+$20)
    61-80 people (+$40)
    81-100 people (+$60)
  • Full payment for additional attendees is due two weeks prior to the party for lifeguard scheduling purposes (pay at the guard stand by check or credit card).
  • $50 cleaning deposit is due by check on party day and is refundable as long as premises are clean upon departure at 10pm.

All pavilion reservations and private party rentals require a reservation with payment. Those payments may be made by clicking on the button below, or in-person at the concession stand. We also require the member host to sign the waiver form below and turn it in to the concession stand.