April 15, 2017

Capital improvements fund is growing

Thank you to all the members who have shown support for the improvements being made to the pool.  We genuinely appreciate every donation, big or small.  Coming soon: opportunities for corporate sponsorship at SCCA during the July 4th Celebration. Check out our GoFundMe page to make your own contribution.
April 15, 2017

All you need to know about SCCA Spring Clean-Up Day

*EDITED TO ADD: Due to weather, plans have changed. There will be NO Clean-Up on the 29th. The below post has been updated to reflect the current plans.

So you're volunteering at the Spring Clean-Up Day? Thanks for signing up! (If you haven't yet, the most current sign up list is here.)

Clean-Up Day is a tradition at the pool; a day where members gather and work together to make a difference. We are the South College Community Pool; we encourage our members to take ownership. Together, we beautify the grounds, make a repairs, and get the pool ready for opening day. Here are a few things that might be helpful for you to know beforehand.

  • There are two dates you may volunteer: Saturday May 6th or Saturday May 13th from 8-11am
  • When you arrive, please find Kristie Parker, or one of the other board members, who will make sure you are checked in. This is important so we can add guest passes to your account - one of the benefits of pitching in that day.
  • We will be adding free guest passes to all who volunteer for a 3 hour shift (limit 20 passes per family).
  • Volunteers of all ages are welcome. This is a great opportunity to have children work and help, and a great way to get them excited about the swim season, starting soon. FYI: the pool cover is off. If you are bringing young children and are concerned about the pool, we have jobs in the front where you may feel most safe.
  • Wear work clothes. We are hoping some of our volunteers can help with a painting project, so come with clothes that can get messy. Others will be raking leaves and debris, sweeping, hosing, cleaning the fridges & concessions room, trimming plants, beautifying the gardens, hanging wasp traps, moving tables & chairs, prepping the grills, installing lifeguard chairs, etc.
  • Bring your own water containers. We will have coolers available to refill bottles, but want to cut down on waste.
  • Board members will be bringing some baked goodies and other things to munch on - another little way to say thanks. :)
  • We encourage you to bring tools that might be helpful: GLOVES, rakes, leaf blowers, brooms, tree clippers. If anyone has flowers they want to donate (now or later in the season) we would be happy to have some color in the garden beds.
  • We are accepting contributions that will help us check projects off our list. Check our list and see if you can help.
  • BATHROOMS will available. They may still be putting finishing touches on them, but we're happy to say that they will be functional for our use.
  • We encourage you to have fun while you volunteer! Clean-Up Day is about sprucing up our grounds, but also about building community and working alongside each other. :)
April 25, 2017

WISH LIST – can you donate?

There are a number of projects scheduled for completion during Clean-Up Day - some of them are dependent on whether or not we have materials donated or supplied at a discounted rate. The pool board is working hard to keep costs low for our members. If you happen to know of anyone that is able to provide any of the following items for the pool, or if you have connections for a better deal, please let us know at info@sccapool.org. Some examples would be a connection/discount to lumber for new wood around the volleyball pit, a plumber to help us boost pressure for our grills, painter to paint the building, landscaper for new sand in the volleyball pit, etc.. We truly appreciate all of the community effort to beautify and maintain our pool.

Would you consider donating any of the following?
  • Mulch (You can get free mulch at Spring Creek Gardens/Timberline Recycling - we need people willing to pick up and deliver it in trucks or trailers)
  • Flowers, bulbs or veggies to plant in the garden areas (10)
  • Top soil or compost to mix in with flowers (couple bags) (4)
  • Yellow jacket replacement cartridges (4)
  • Yellow jacket traps (the whole thing) (4)
  • Grass seed (general mix bag)
  • Pin Flagging (about 25 flags)
  • Tan exterior gallon paint to paint the outside of the sheds
  • Blue exterior gallon paint (contact kristieparker12@gmail.com for an exact color code)
  • White exterior gallon paint (contact kristieparker12@gmail.com for an exact color code))
  • Bags of concrete
  • Sonet tubes (8")
  • Gravel so we can extend the current bike area
  • Chain link fence slats
Click here to sign up.
April 27, 2017

Clean-Up Day Postponed!

The weather isn't looking very pleasant for this weekend. (Really - possible snow?!?) There will be NO Clean-Up Day this Saturday.

Instead, we will be having two options for families to help out - May 6th and May 13th. Please sign up here. In terms of the free guest passes we are offering, the same guidelines apply as were originally posted. We will offer 20 free guest passes to your membership account as long as at least one adult works a 3 hour shift (20 passes maximum per family). Thank you so much for offering your time and talents to improve our pool and get it ready for the season to open.
May 8, 2017

Last Chance for Free Guest Passes – This Saturday.

Thank you to all those who made our first Clean Up Day successful! We had a great turn out (and great weather too!) We truly appreciated ALL of the helping hands as we prepare for the season to begin!

We still have plenty more to be done, and one more Clean Up Day this coming Saturday. We opened up a few more slots in case you still want to sign up.

Thank you so much for offering your time and talents to improve our pool and get it ready for the season to open.
May 11, 2017

Fixing Membership

We have been reviewing online registration and have noticed some discrepancies.

As a reminder, Family Memberships are available to families consisting of head(s) of household limited to two persons and their dependent children under the age of 25, and/or residence who depend on the head of the household for care and financial support. All dependents and heads of household must be living at the same residence.

Here are some of the specific concerns we have identified:

Nanny Passes

We notice that some are adding a nanny as a family member. i.e. Nanny Smith.
Babysitters or Nannies may come in with a guest pass, or you may purchase a pass for unlimited visits each season. This pass is not tied to a particular name so you may use it for multiple nannies and/or babysitters. Nannies may not use the pool with out one of your family members present. A Nanny Pass only allows entrance for one Nanny at a time. If you have someone listed as a family member who you intend to use as a nanny, please email us to have their name removed. Then LOG IN, click on MEMBERSHIPS and purchase a Nanny Pass ($50).


We notice that some families are including grandparents on their account.
Grandparents may be guested in, purchase a nanny pass and follow those rules, or purchase a single membership. If you have a grandparent listed as a family member on your account, please email us to have their name removed. Then, if they will be used as a nanny, LOG IN, click on MEMBERSHIPS and purchase a Nanny Pass ($50). OR, have them sign up for their own account and purchase the appropriate membership.


We notice some accounts where grandchildren appear to be listed on grandparents' accounts.
There might be select circumstances where this is permitted (for example, if they live with the grandparents), but as a general rule, grandchildren do not fit under the definition of a family membership and should not be included on an account. If you have grandchildren listed as family members on your account, please email us to have their names removed. Then please purchase guest passes for their use.

Multiple members on accounts

We notice some accounts where it appears that relatives or friends are included on a single family account.
Each family should have their own membership. If you have extra people listed on your account who live at another residence or otherwise do not fall under the definition of a "Family Membership," please email us to have their names removed. You may purchase guest passes if they would like to visit the pool with you.


We have noticed grown children who are still listed on some accounts.
When dependent children reach the age of 25, they should be removed from the membership. If you have grown children listed on your account, please email us to have their names removed.


We have noticed that some single memberships have other people on the account.
Single Memberships should not have more than the one listed. If you are a single and have anyone else listed on your account, please email us to have their names removed. They may use a guest pass to visit the pool.

What to do about it?

If you think your membership might include extra people who shouldn't be included, please log in to your account to make changes and/or email us to have remove your extras no later than Wednesday, May 17th. We will do another review of all memberships at that time, and will be contacting all members who still seem to have inconsistencies.

For more info, check the Membership FAQ on our website.
Review the Bylaws (Article VI. Members and Guests)
or Contact Us directly.