August 25, 2019

2019 Annual Meeting

Our Annual Meeting has a new date this year! Normally we hold the annual meeting in November. At the last annual meeting, we voted to move the meeting to September so we can discuss things while they closer to the end of the season. Swimming will be open for meeting attendees and their families, so plan to join us for discussion, updates and a special last evening swim! Click here to sign up so we have enough guards for the evening.
April 18, 2020

Additional April 2020 Updates

What else has the Board been working on?
The pool may be closed for the season but there is still plenty going on! The Board continues to meet in the off-season to plan and make decisions. All members are always welcome at our meetings.

Here are a few highlights:
At the annual meeting, we shared with you the vendor issues with the boiler that led to periods of cold temperatures the past few seasons. We have good news to share! A new boiler is being installed with a new warranty at no cost to us, and we'll also be reimbursed for our past expenses. This is a huge win for everyone!

New board members have joined during the off-season. Welcome to Alan (At-Large/Grounds), Clint (Vice President), Felicia (Concessions) and Suzanne (Events)! Jeremy Lerner was appointed as President by the Board. We welcome more members to join the board, particularly for Webmaster, Secretary and Co-Treasurer.
May 3, 2020

What We Know About Opening

The Latest News

At the Q&A Meeting on 4/21, we shared encouraging news from the Larimer County Health Department. It's possible that we could open in mid-June to early-July, but more direction will be needed from the Governor's Office.

Early information indicates that we may need to implement social distancing measures such as the layout and spacing of furniture and marked waiting spots for concessions.

The proper pool operation and chemical use that we follow yearly should inactivate the virus in the water, per the CDC website. We are holding off on the operations needed to open the pool and remove the cover until early June at this point. We won't turn on the boiler yet either, to save on costs as well. The new boiler will only take two days to heat the pool so we can turn that around pretty quickly.

As we learn more information, we'll be sure to share it!