Membership Info

The South College Community Association swimming pool is a community swimming pool open to individuals and families in Fort Collins and surrounding areas.

Memberships for the 2018 season are still available!

Membership includes access to all of our amenities and community events.

Family Memberships are available to families consisting of head(s) of household limited to two persons and their dependent children under the age of 25, and/or residence who depend on the head of the household for care and financial support. All dependents and heads of household must be living at the same residence. A family membership entitles the member to voting rights in the Association, ten free guest passes, and the use of all pool facilities; swimming lessons are an extra fee. $429 with one-time initiation fee of $150.

Single Memberships are available to adults 18 years of age or older. A Single membership entitles the member to voting rights in the Association, ten free guest passes and the use of all pool facilities; swimming lessons are an extra fee. $204 with one-time initiation fee of $150.

Sustaining Memberships are available to couples or singles that have been SCCA members for 10 or more consecutive years, and who no longer have children living at home. A sustaining membership entitles the member to voting rights in the Association, ten free guest passes and the use of all pool facilities; swimming lessons are an extra fee. $204 with one-time initiation fee of $150.

Babysitters or Nannies may come in with a guest pass, or you may purchase a pass for unlimited visits each season. This pass is not tied to a particular name so you may use it for multiple nannies and/or babysitters. Nannies may not use the pool with out one of your family members present. A nanny pass may not be used for a member of your own household. A Nanny Pass only allows entrance for one Nanny at a time. All nanny passes from previous seasons must be removed from your membership account. Please contact us via email if you need to remove a nanny pass, or if you are purchasing one for the 2018 swim season. $50 fee.

NEW Memberships can be prorated if you join mid-season:

Please note that if we reach our maximum membership (which has happened in the past), we will not allow new members to join mid-summer.

Payments Due

Memberships for the 2018 season can be purchased online beginning January 1. All dues for renewing memberships must be paid in full by April 30, 2018. A late fee of $75.00 will be assessed beginning May 1, 2018. Once the pool has opened for the season all forms and payments should be dropped off at the pool instead of sending them by mail.

Early Bird Incentive: New this year, memberships paid in full by January 31, 2018 will receive 5 additional guest passes ($25 value).

Payment Plan Option:Membership dues may be paid in increments, but must be paid in full by the April 30 deadline. You may pay by check in increments, or use our online payment plan, which will charge ⅓ of your payment on each of the following dates: Feb 28, March 28, and April 28, 2018.

Capital Improvement Fee

All membership dues have increased in 2018. Family Memberships by $21, and Single and Sustaining Memberships by $14. In addition to this increase, all memberships will now be charged a capital improvement/savings fee, set at $9 for 2018.

In 2017 our expenses were reviewed in depth. Unfortunately, our fixed expenses at the pool are increasing. With minimum wage and labor cost increases our guard expense has increased over $10,000 for 2018. We reviewed other options, and this is very comparable with competitor rates. Dues at the pool remained flat from 2013 through 2016. Membership income in those years did not keep pace with expenses, and the pools reserves were utilized to cover the gap. This equates directly to the increase in membership rates.

Our bylaws require us to replenish our reserves. In 2017 fundraising was attempted as a tool to grow our reserves and cover necessary improvements. The fundraising helped cover an immediate need, but were not sufficient. This is why we decided to add an additional line item to annual dues. These fees allow us to safeguard against unforeseen maintenance requirements, and continue with capital improvements that will ensure the continued success of the SCCA pool. When the SCCA reserves are back in compliance with our bylaws this fee will no longer be charged, and dues will be the sole income source associated with annual membership.

Guest Privileges

In an effort to welcome guests and yet not exceed our legal guard-to-member ratios, nor to negatively impact the other members using the pool, the guest pass policies have recently been updated.

  • Guests will be charged $5.00 per person for a guest pass. One pass must be used for each guest entering the pool, regardless of whether or not the guest is swimming.
  • The $5.00 guest fee is good for the day, but if a guest leaves, they must get a wrist band to be able to re-enter without another pass.
  • Guests must sign in at the concession stand upon arrival.
  • Members may bring up to 6 guests per day.
  • If a member would like to bring more than 6 guests in one day, we ask that they call ahead and speak to the head guard on duty (970-493-4102). Permission to bring more than 6 guests will be given, so long as the attendance of members at the pool that day is reasonably low.
  • Bringing more than 10 guests to the pool requires a pre-paid pavilion party.
  • Members receive 10 free guest passes at the beginning of each season.
  • Paying your membership fee in full by January 31, 2018 will give you an extra 5 guest passes. Joining us on our Clean Up Day (held annually, usually the first weekend in May) will give you an extra 10 guest passes.

Pool Access

Pool access scan cards are distributed to new members during opening weekend of the season. Renewing members should keep their cards from year to year. All fees and dues must be paid in full before scan cards will be activated. Members must scan in upon every entrance to the pool grounds. If lost, a replacement scan card can be issued for $5.

Please keep in mind that SCCA is a community pool in a residential neighborhood and we need to be respectful to the neighbors that surround the pool. Remember to park in designated locations and be aware of noise levels. Help nurture a good neighbor feeling.