Membership FAQ

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1Do I have to live in Mid-Town Fort Collins to be a member of SCCA?
No. We welcome members from all over Fort Collins as well as neighboring towns.
2Can I split my initiation fee over two years?
No, the initiation fee must be paid in full with your first year membership fees.
3Can I pay for membership online?
Yes! Look for the links on our Membership Info Page. There is one button for Existing Members, and a separate button for New Members.
4Can I make payments on my membership in the off season?
Yes, the membership website allows to make a full payment or set up 3 automated payments on February 1st. The online system will not allow for split payments after Feb 28, though you may pay by mail anytime after January 1st. Checks by mail should be sent to SCCA Pool , PO Box 270757, Fort Collins, CO 80527.
5Can I put my membership on hold?
Yes, you may put your membership on hold for one year by paying a $50 hold fee. The deadline to hold your membership for the season is June 1. If there is not a membership waitlist, you may hold your membership for a second year by paying another $50 hold fee. However, if there is a waitlist for membership you may only hold your place for one year.
6We were members two years ago. Do we have to pay the initiation fee to rejoin?
Yes. If your membership lapses, you will have to pay the initiation fee to rejoin unless you put your membership on “hold” before June 1st the year prior. You may be eligible to hold your membership for up to two seasons if:

1) You’ve paid the hold fee before June 1st and

2) Provided there is not a wait list for membership.
7Can Memberships be transferred?
No, memberships are not transferable.
8Can Memberships be shared?
No, under no circumstances are memberships shared or transferable to different families.
9We are going to be gone for the month of June. Can we pay for July and August only?
No, existing memberships cannot be prorated. New members may join mid-summer and their membership fee will be prorated. This is assuming we have memberships available; if we reach our maximum membership we will not accept additional memberships.
10I have a Family Membership and just got a divorce. Both my ex and I would like to remain members, who gets custody of the membership?
We suggest one adult maintain the family membership and the other adult purchase a single membership. How you handle the financial side of this is up to you. Please know that we offer the adult purchasing the single membership the opportunity to waive the initiation fee.
11Can I cancel my membership part way through the season and be reimbursed for the time that we didn’t use?
You may cancel your membership at any time but you will not be refunded for any unused time. Just a reminder, if you resign your membership and want to rejoin, you will be subject to the initiation fee.
12What if we have two nannies? Do we need to purchase two nanny passes?
No. The nanny membership allows for one nanny to accompany any member of your family at any time. It is not tied to a particular name so you may use it for multiple nannies and/or babysitters. Nannies may not use the pool without one of your family members present. A Nanny Pass only allows entrance for one Nanny at a time. For example if Grandma is your Nanny for the day and Grandpa wants to keep an eye on her, he will need to use a guest pass to get in.
13I watch my grandchildren during the summer. What are my membership options?
You have several options:

1) If you have a single or sustaining membership you may bring your children and grandchildren to the pool with guest passes.

2) If you have a family membership, or upgrade your single or sustaining membership to a family membership (no initiation fee required), you may then add your minor grandchildren to your membership. Please note, adult children or adult grandchildren can NOT be added to your family membership. They are more than welcome to use your guest passes. This is a special provision offered for babysitting grandparents.

3) Your children may purchase a family membership and include you as their nanny. In this scenario you can only come to the pool when accompanied by a membership family member. Please note…if coming together, your spouse would have to use a guest pass.
14My kids and grandkids just moved into my house. Can we be on the same membership?
See above.
15My unmarried non dependent 26 year old daughter now lives with me. What are our membership options?
You have a few options:

1) Because a family membership includes two “head of households". If you are not married she could be included in your family membership.

2) Or each of you could buy a single membership. Please keep in mind if you are married your spouse will have to guest in.
16My unmarried non dependent 26 year old son with children now lives with me. What are our membership options?
Because a family membership includes two “head of households”. If you are not married he could be included in your family membership with his children. Please keep in mind if you are married your spouse will have to guest in.
17At what age is my child able to swim unattended at the SCCA pool?
Our hard and fast rule is that no child of any age should be left alone at the pool, if their swimming abilities are questionable. This requirement is in place for the safety and enjoyment of everyone. That being said:

  • Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by a guardian who is 14 years of age or older.

  • Children ages 10 and older may be allowed to stay at the pool without a guardian as long as they follow all pool rules (posted by the water fountain or the SCCA website). If a child of 10 years & older has a swimming ability that is questionable, a guard may request a deep water swimming test at any time, to verify they can swim unattended.

    A friendly reminder, for the safety and enjoyment of everyone we ask that the pool and staff not be used in place of childcare.

    Please keep in mind, that at times the pool will close on short notice because of inclement weather. Also, children that are displaying inappropriate behavior will be removed from the pool and the guardian will be contacted. For these reasons, we require that all unattended children possess contact information of the guardian in case of a sudden pool closure, accident or of inappropriate behavior.
  • See our Membership Info page for current membership rates, deadlines, etc.

    Still have questions? Feel free to contact us.