Free Guest Passes

We need your help: weeding, raking, painting, hosing off, cleaning and much more as we near the pool opening. This is your one chance to get free guest passes! Come volunteer at least one three-hour shift at the Clean-Up Day and we'll add 20 extra guest passes to your account.

Join us for Clean Up Day at SCCA - Saturday, April 29, 2017.
2 shifts: 8-11am or 11am-2pm.

In the case of bad weather, check the Announcements Page of the website for a rain date.

Speaking of guest passes, in an effort to welcome guests and yet not exceed our legal guard-to-member ratios, nor to negatively impact the other members using the pool, the guest pass policies have recently been updated.

    Guests will be charged $5.00 per person for a guest pass. One pass must be used for each guest entering the pool, regardless of whether or not the guest is swimming.
    Guests must sign in at the concession stand upon arrival.
    Guest passes are good for the day, but if a guest leaves, they must get a hand stamp to be able to re-enter without purchasing another pass.
    Members may bring up to 6 guests per day.
    If a member would like to bring more than 6 guests in one day, we ask that they call ahead and speak to the head guard on duty (970-493-4102). Permission to bring more than 6 guests will be given, so long as the attendance of members at the pool that day is reasonably low.
    Bringing more than 10 guests to the pool requires a pre-paid pavilion party.
    Members receive 10 free guest passes at the beginning of each season. Board members receive an additional 10 free guest passes for serving on the board.
    Joining us on our Clean Up Day, Saturday, April 29th, will give you an extra 20 guest passes.