April 15, 2017

All you need to know about SCCA Spring Clean-Up Day

*EDITED TO ADD: Due to weather, plans have changed. There will be NO Clean-Up on the 29th. The below post has been updated to reflect the current plans.

So you're volunteering at the Spring Clean-Up Day? Thanks for signing up! (If you haven't yet, the most current sign up list is here.)

Clean-Up Day is a tradition at the pool; a day where members gather and work together to make a difference. We are the South College Community Pool; we encourage our members to take ownership. Together, we beautify the grounds, make a repairs, and get the pool ready for opening day. Here are a few things that might be helpful for you to know beforehand.

  • There are two dates you may volunteer: Saturday May 6th or Saturday May 13th from 8-11am
  • When you arrive, please find Kristie Parker, or one of the other board members, who will make sure you are checked in. This is important so we can add guest passes to your account - one of the benefits of pitching in that day.
  • We will be adding free guest passes to all who volunteer for a 3 hour shift (limit 20 passes per family).
  • Volunteers of all ages are welcome. This is a great opportunity to have children work and help, and a great way to get them excited about the swim season, starting soon. FYI: the pool cover is off. If you are bringing young children and are concerned about the pool, we have jobs in the front where you may feel most safe.
  • Wear work clothes. We are hoping some of our volunteers can help with a painting project, so come with clothes that can get messy. Others will be raking leaves and debris, sweeping, hosing, cleaning the fridges & concessions room, trimming plants, beautifying the gardens, hanging wasp traps, moving tables & chairs, prepping the grills, installing lifeguard chairs, etc.
  • Bring your own water containers. We will have coolers available to refill bottles, but want to cut down on waste.
  • Board members will be bringing some baked goodies and other things to munch on - another little way to say thanks. :)
  • We encourage you to bring tools that might be helpful: GLOVES, rakes, leaf blowers, brooms, tree clippers. If anyone has flowers they want to donate (now or later in the season) we would be happy to have some color in the garden beds.
  • We are accepting contributions that will help us check projects off our list. Check our list and see if you can help.
  • BATHROOMS will available. They may still be putting finishing touches on them, but we're happy to say that they will be functional for our use.
  • We encourage you to have fun while you volunteer! Clean-Up Day is about sprucing up our grounds, but also about building community and working alongside each other. :)
April 15, 2017

Capital improvements fund is growing

Thank you to all the members who have shown support for the improvements being made to the pool.  We genuinely appreciate every donation, big or small.  Coming soon: opportunities for corporate sponsorship at SCCA during the July 4th Celebration. Check out our GoFundMe page to make your own contribution.
April 15, 2017

Deadline to Renew Membership – April 30th!

The deadline to renew is coming quickly! We encourage all returning members to pay on time to avoid the $75 late fee.  Mail checks to P.O. Box 270757, Fort Collins, CO 80527. Or CLICK HERE if you are renewing your membership and would like to use a credit or debit card. Have questions about our membership policies? Visit the new Membership FAQ section here.
March 27, 2017

Swim with the Sharks!

The SCCA Shark swim team season is about to begin! We are really excited to have our head coach, Carrie Barnett, returning again this year along with assistant coaches Hannah Cross and Kala Mawlawi. The season schedule is set and Shark trials (try-outs) begin Friday, June 2. We want to welcome returning AND NEW swimmers to the team with a season kick-off parent informational meeting on Thursday, May 4 at 5:30pm at the pool. Get more swim team information here
March 26, 2017

Sign up now for Spring Clean-Up Day at SCCA

We need helpers at Clean-Up Day on Saturday, April 29th. We are asking that volunteers sign up in advance so we can plan our projects. Click here to sign up. Volunteer at least one three-hour shift: 8-11am or 11-2pm and we'll add 20 extra guest passes per family to your account!

*EDITED TO ADD: Because of bad weather, we are postponing Clean-Up Day. Updated information posted here.
March 26, 2017

Capital improvements under way — your help needed!

Where does the money go?

The pool has historically been running on zero profit; we don’t make money, we break even each year. Where does the money go? We want to be transparent and open with SCCA membership, and most people don't realize how costly operational expenses can be. More detailed information on annual spending is available at our annual membership meeting or upon request.

Warm water wanted!

The boiler is the unit that keeps the pool water at a comfortable temperature. Inspections of the old boiler revealed it was ready to go out at any moment - and we weren’t willing to let that happen during the swim season. Replacing the boiler mid-season could have resulted in closing the pool for 4 weeks. (Get the picture of why it wasn't optional to wait until the old one went out?!)

Now that the boiler has been replaced, we need more money to cover the almost $30,000 bill. And if we can be honest, there are a few other capital improvements we would invest in if we had sufficient funds: extra work in the bathroom renovations, digging out and improving the volleyball sand and replacing the diving board, to name a few.

We really don't want to do THAT!

We could have considered drastically cutting back on hours to reduce operational costs. We could have increased prices for our members (we would need about $125 more per family this year). But we are confident that with the help of our great community of pool members, we can raise the money needed to fully cover the cost of the boiler. In the coming months you will see a number of opportunities to give, and we're hoping you'll consider generously supporting our community pool.

Your generosity matters.

We’ve created a Go Fund Me site, and encourage you to show your commitment to keeping this pool afloat (pun intended). Also, we can assure you that we're looking at ways in the future to plan for capital improvements.