December 27, 2017

Welcome New Board Members

Each year in November we hold an annual meeting where board members are voted into positions. New board members for 2018 include:

Hillary Noble - Vice President
Christine Gerholt - Secretary
Caralee Sommers - Membership Coordinator
Courtney Kershner - Member-At-Large over Concessions
October 3, 2017

Good news about finances

We are pleased to report that in 2017 we managed to make some major capital improvements including remodeling the bathrooms and replacing the boiler without going into debt or raising membership fees. This was no small feat since we have historically operated on a zero cash basis (meaning we break even). We re-examined our financial situation and focused on decreasing spending and waste in order to make the needed improvements.

A number of things that kept the pool out of debt:
  • Increase in new membership & initiation fees.
  • Decrease in administrative spending including charging a credit card fee to those that used them.
  • Renegotiated rental agreements.
  • Changes to items that were costing us money, for example, after hours pool rentals.
  • Member donations through Go Fund Me. (Thank you to all who gave!)
  • Slightly reduced pool hours in August, our historically slowest month.
  • Better negotiated prices on chemicals.
  • Pool rentals in the off time/season to capture more revenue.
  • Minimal increases to property taxes due to our protesting.

We are are currently working on showing positive cash flow annually to insure we have money set aside for future improvements, and to open other sources of funding when necessary.
October 2, 2017

The boiler issue

Some have asked about why our boiler had a problem in August - after all, it was brand new. The boiler issue is something that we needed to work on with our contractor. All pools are different, and hiccups can be expected as they get the boiler dialed into our pool. In this instance the boiler issue was related to water flow rate, which caused the boiler to run too hot, melting some switches. Fortunately, all items were under warranty and once the problem was discovered, the pool temperature was quickly brought back to a comfortable level.
October 1, 2017

Where has money been spent?

Wondering what capital improvements have been made in the past few years? Some of the following were immediately necessary (i.e. the boiler replacement). Some were decided to be a timely investment (for example, the fence upgrade coincided with PSD's fence upgrade and saved us money by working together). Some were safety issues (the new winter cover). And some were voted on as necessary repairs or upgrades to keep our pool in good repair.

Bathroom renovations $14,011
Diving board $2,110
Boiler $22,778
New chairs $7,564
New grill and repair old $1,299
New picnic tables/umbrellas $546
Repair wall $4,170
New fence/gates $10,135
New winter cover $11,829
Back-flow device upgrade $1,471

Thank you for your feedback on the recent survey. We noted items of importance to our membership - and appreciated the handful of additional suggestions - for example, an upgrade to our water fountain. These are items we will add to our list and thoughtfully prioritize.
September 6, 2017

Take a short survey

Your feedback is valuable to us. Please help us improve the pool by taking the time to complete a short survey. If you would like to further discuss anything, we invite you to attend our annual meeting, on Tuesday, November 7, 2017 at 6pm (location TBD).
September 6, 2017

Swim Team Recap

The SCCA swim team had an awesome season with hundreds of personal best times, many friends made, awesome fun times, and great opportunities to show what great sportsmanship looks like!!

Our wonderful coaches, Carrie, Hannah and Kala provided amazing leadership and guidance. We had several state qualifiers in multiple events. Congratulations to the girls/ women of the team who placed 2ND OVERALL IN THE CITY!!!! As a team, SCCA placed FOURTH overall in the first year competing in the higher division.

Congratulations coaches, swimmers and parents for a fantastic season! Looking forward to seeing you all at the pool next summer!

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