May 11, 2017

Fixing Membership

We have been reviewing online registration and have noticed some discrepancies.

As a reminder, Family Memberships are available to families consisting of head(s) of household limited to two persons and their dependent children under the age of 25, and/or residence who depend on the head of the household for care and financial support. All dependents and heads of household must be living at the same residence.

Here are some of the specific concerns we have identified:

Nanny Passes

We notice that some are adding a nanny as a family member. i.e. Nanny Smith.
Babysitters or Nannies may come in with a guest pass, or you may purchase a pass for unlimited visits each season. This pass is not tied to a particular name so you may use it for multiple nannies and/or babysitters. Nannies may not use the pool with out one of your family members present. A Nanny Pass only allows entrance for one Nanny at a time. If you have someone listed as a family member who you intend to use as a nanny, please email us to have their name removed. Then LOG IN, click on MEMBERSHIPS and purchase a Nanny Pass ($50).


We notice that some families are including grandparents on their account.
Grandparents may be guested in, purchase a nanny pass and follow those rules, or purchase a single membership. If you have a grandparent listed as a family member on your account, please email us to have their name removed. Then, if they will be used as a nanny, LOG IN, click on MEMBERSHIPS and purchase a Nanny Pass ($50). OR, have them sign up for their own account and purchase the appropriate membership.


We notice some accounts where grandchildren appear to be listed on grandparents' accounts.
There might be select circumstances where this is permitted (for example, if they live with the grandparents), but as a general rule, grandchildren do not fit under the definition of a family membership and should not be included on an account. If you have grandchildren listed as family members on your account, please email us to have their names removed. Then please purchase guest passes for their use.

Multiple members on accounts

We notice some accounts where it appears that relatives or friends are included on a single family account.
Each family should have their own membership. If you have extra people listed on your account who live at another residence or otherwise do not fall under the definition of a "Family Membership," please email us to have their names removed. You may purchase guest passes if they would like to visit the pool with you.


We have noticed grown children who are still listed on some accounts.
When dependent children reach the age of 25, they should be removed from the membership. If you have grown children listed on your account, please email us to have their names removed.


We have noticed that some single memberships have other people on the account.
Single Memberships should not have more than the one listed. If you are a single and have anyone else listed on your account, please email us to have their names removed. They may use a guest pass to visit the pool.

What to do about it?

If you think your membership might include extra people who shouldn't be included, please log in to your account to make changes and/or email us to have remove your extras no later than Wednesday, May 17th. We will do another review of all memberships at that time, and will be contacting all members who still seem to have inconsistencies.

For more info, check the Membership FAQ on our website.
Review the Bylaws (Article VI. Members and Guests)
or Contact Us directly.
June 24, 2017

Free WiFi

Did you know SCCA has free WiFi? Passwords are posted in the guard shack window (to the left as you sign in).
June 27, 2017

Pool Hours – and a few exceptions

Note the pool hours below and a couple of exceptions.

Open Swim
Mon-Fri 12:00pm-9:00pm
Sat 10:00am-9:00pm (*see below)
Sun 10:00am-7:00pm

*1st & 3rd Saturdays of June, July, Aug the pool will close at 7pm for private parties.

Beginning August 1st, pool will close at 8pm M-Sat.

June 28 swim lessons will not be held due to a swim meet. That lesson will be made-up on Friday, June 30.

Saturday July 1 the pool will open at 12 noon due to a swim meet.
June 27, 2017

Important Reminders

Thank you for bringing your membership cards when you come to the pool. Replacement cards are $5 each.

Guards blow the whistle 10 minutes before the gates close. In order to keep our costs down, we ask that members pack up and leave promptly. This will help the guards from having to stay later to do their cleaning duties (at which point we are charged $20/hr per guard).

Also, the lane line is made available for lap swimming. However, when there are three or more guards on duty (about 75+ in the pool) that lane is available for all swimmers.
December 10, 2017

Membership Renewal – Begins Jan 1st

FAMILY - $420 (one time initiation fee of $150)
SINGLE - $204 (one time initiation fee of $150)
SUSTAINING - $204 (one time initiation fee of $150)

Deadline: All dues for renewing memberships must be paid in full by April 30, 2018. A late fee of $75.00 will be assessed beginning May 1, 2018.

Payment Plan Option: Membership dues may be paid in increments, but must be paid in full by the April 30 deadline. You may pay by check in increments, or use our online payment plan, which will charge 1/3 of your payment on each of the following dates: Feb 28, March 28 and April 28, 2018.

Early Bird Incentive: Memberships paid in full by January 31 will receive 5 additional guest passes ($25 value).

Get your questions answered on our Membership FAQ Page and then renew your membership here online. Send checks to P.O. Box 270757, Fort Collins, CO 80527.
December 19, 2017

2018 Price Increases & Capital Improvement Fee

You may have noticed that all membership dues have increased in 2018 - Family Memberships by $21, and Single and Sustaining Memberships by $14. In addition to this increase, all memberships will now be charged a capital improvement/savings fee, set at $9 for 2018.

In 2017 our expenses were reviewed in depth. Unfortunately, our fixed expenses at the pool are increasing. With minimum wage and labor cost increases, our guard expenses have increased over $10,000 for 2018. We reviewed other options, and the rate we have settled on is very comparable with our competitors. Dues at the pool remained flat from 2013 through 2016. Membership income in those years did not keep pace with expenses, and the pool's reserves were utilized to cover the gap. This equates directly to the increase in membership rates.

Our bylaws require us to replenish our reserves. In 2017 fundraising was attempted as a tool to grow our reserves and cover necessary improvements. This helped cover an immediate need, but funds were not sufficient to give us a buffer. This is why we are adding an additional line item to annual dues. These fees allow us to safeguard against unforeseen maintenance requirements, and continue with capital improvements that will ensure the continued success of the SCCA pool. When the SCCA reserves are back in compliance with our bylaws this fee will no longer be charged, and dues will be the sole income source associated with annual membership.

As always, our financial statements are available to our membership. Please let us know if you would like more information regarding our financial status.