Capital improvements under way — your help needed!

Where does the money go?

The pool has historically been running on zero profit; we don’t make money, we break even each year. Where does the money go? We want to be transparent and open with SCCA membership, and most people don't realize how costly operational expenses can be. More detailed information on annual spending is available at our annual membership meeting or upon request.

Warm water wanted!

The boiler is the unit that keeps the pool water at a comfortable temperature. Inspections of the old boiler revealed it was ready to go out at any moment - and we weren’t willing to let that happen during the swim season. Replacing the boiler mid-season could have resulted in closing the pool for 4 weeks. (Get the picture of why it wasn't optional to wait until the old one went out?!)

Now that the boiler has been replaced, we need more money to cover the almost $30,000 bill. And if we can be honest, there are a few other capital improvements we would invest in if we had sufficient funds: extra work in the bathroom renovations, digging out and improving the volleyball sand and replacing the diving board, to name a few.

We really don't want to do THAT!

We could have considered drastically cutting back on hours to reduce operational costs. We could have increased prices for our members (we would need about $125 more per family this year). But we are confident that with the help of our great community of pool members, we can raise the money needed to fully cover the cost of the boiler. In the coming months you will see a number of opportunities to give, and we're hoping you'll consider generously supporting our community pool.

Your generosity matters.

We’ve created a Go Fund Me site, and encourage you to show your commitment to keeping this pool afloat (pun intended). Also, we can assure you that we're looking at ways in the future to plan for capital improvements.