Lifeguard Appreciation Week

We love our lifeguards at SCCA! We'll be decorating the guard shack and going out of our way this week to help them know just how much we appreciate them. You can help us make it a special week. Here are a few ideas you might consider:

  • Bring in a homemade goodie or a snack to share with them.
  • You or your kids could color a picture or make a card. Write it to all guards, or write it to a specific guard who you feel has made a difference.
  • Drop a comment in the mason jar at the guard shack this week -- it is especially for positive feedback for our lifeguards.
  • Email easier? We'll pass along messages you send via
  • (and lastly) Give them positive verbal feedback. Are the bathrooms clean? Thank them. Are they playing with the kids and helping create a great environment at SCCA? Let them know that you notice. Have other nice things to say? Share the love.